Destination Wedding

Pushkar in Rajasthan is the city of sacred temples which attracts tourists from all over. A sleepy little town in Rajasthan, Pushkar not only attracts tourists for the Pushkar Fair but also because of the lavish and extravagant weddings that are held here. If you wish to make that moment in your life more special and unique then plan a wedding in Pushkar, the beautiful holy city in Rajasthan.

The Country Side Resort, Pushkar offers you online information on wedding in Pushkar. January to March is the popular wedding season where people come over to Pushkar. The temples in Pushkar are considered to be very sacred and people from all over come to this place to get the blessings during their marriage. The three important temples in Pushkar are Brahma Temple, Varah Temple and Savitri Temple. Besides this there are 400 other small temples. A city which recalls the glory and splendour of yesteryears is now one of the exotic wedding venues in India.

The Country Side Resort, Pushkar is one such destination where you can arrange your wedding. This place has awesome view, beautiful room, red rose orchard surrounding, and beautiful lush green garden. So if you are planning your wedding in Pushkar then do not miss out the regal ambience of The Country Side Resort Pushkar.

Tourists from different parts of the world visit India for the big and glamorous Indian Wedding. Apart from the fun and fervour the weddings have the perfect mix of traditions and sanctity and make your wedding completely an unforgettable episode in your life. To add that special royal touch to your wedding, plan your wedding in Pushkar. Ever wonder to get married in the desert, and not just desert but a royal rural desert weeding. Pushkar has become a favourite destination for people all around the world to get re-married in "Maharaja Style". The Maharaja’s of Rajasthan use to have more than a dozen queens and they celebrated their every marriage as a national holiday. The while kingdom celebrated the royal wedding as a festival and we at The Country Side Resort want to give a taste of the flavour.

We would like to share that how we provide the experience of a Royal Rajasthani rural wedding. First, the couple will be dressed in a traditional Rajasthani wedding dress, even the family members. Then the groom will then be provided a sword, a symbol of protection for the bride. Later the groom will be escorted on a ride with a decorated horse or camel and will he enjoy a short ride through the village. The groom will be accompanied by the locals, dancing on the traditional & local music. The Barat (the ride in the village) will be finished at the Bharatghar (party spot) where the bride will be waiting for the groom. There is so much more like the amazing food, religious wedding mantra, and a family photo session.

I believe the best way to explain the Pushkar royal wedding is to experience it. The Country Side Resort also offers their resorts for movies and TV programmes shooting. Would request the concern organization that does contact us minimum 15 days earlier before shooting reservation as we have to make proper arrangements and checks the status of the current reservation.